Top 3 Benefits To Getting A Dog

I’ve had animals off and on through out my entire life but the past few years, I’d enjoyed being pet free and the commitments that entails (hello staying out all night, impromptu getaways, and not having to share my grocery budget).

All that changed a little bit over a year ago when my boyfriend and I decided to get our doberman puppy, Stella. I had no idea when we brought this sharped tooth 10lb ball of fur home what a difference she would make in my life. Read on for the benefits Stilla has brought into my world.

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1.) The mental health benefits: I realized about 9 months in how much Stella was behind my mental health improving. I’ve dealt with different degrees of depression and anxiety my entire adult life, so to look back and realize that’s not an issue was amazing. I attribute this to having something to focus on. Stella spends her days with me, so I potty trained her and tried to entertain her/distract her from destroying my house. In between vet visits and remember to feed a growing doberman, I didn’t have time to replay/think negative thoughts.

2.) The physical benefits: I have big dreams of Stella and I taking up jogging, and even though that has happened yet, I do see physical benefits. She LOVES to play fetch with ropes and sticks, so I’ve taken up doing stretches with her ropes in-between throws. I should create a video showing my moves 😉 Having a dog has put me on a much better sleep schedule because she usually wakes up around the same time each morning. Stella is a pampered pooch and sleeps on my bed. There is nothing better than a warm body that lays along all your sore back muscles.

3.) The social benefits: I love to take Stella for rides and out to eat on pet friendly patios. My boyfriend loves to take her to festivals, Lowes, and Academy Sports. Everywhere we go, we get comments on how beautiful she is. She loves to play with kids and is super friendly. Since she’s not really that well behaved though, I have to stay present to make sure she’s not intimating anyone. Its fun though seeing people smile and comment “oh she must smell my dogs” and tell us about their dad’s cousin that had a doberman (everyone has a dobie story).

Getting a dog is a huge decision and while it has had its challenges, I would definitely recommend it. I spent years pet sitting and basically borrowing dogs before I committed but there is nothing better than having a stressful day and getting a snuggle from Stella.