9 Tips To Shop Atlanta’s Scott Antique Market Like a Pro

Ever since I started going to the wholesale market at the Americasmart in Atlanta, GA (back in summer of 2012), I noticed that the market often overlaps with the monthly Scott Antiques Market.

I’ve gone countless times over the years and each time, love it more and more. The Atlanta show (there is another in Ohio) is held the second weekend of the month, Thursday-Sunday. There are two buildings (North & South) on each side of I-285. Admission is $5 when you drive in and then you can take a shuttle to the other building.

Both buildings are fabulous, but I really like the feel of South’s outdoor market. There is lots of salvage pieces plus a mix of midcentury pieces.

This past trip, I fell in love with the pieces imported from Europe by Le Chateau. I’ve never bought a rug here, but the selection in South building was amazing! It felt like an interior decorator’s dreams. This was the perfect place to pick up some finds to resell in my interiors booths.

Just browsing, you see so many ideas and inspiration. There are tons of jewelry vendors and you’ll see many booths that sell small collectibles.  On trips before, I’ve spent HOURS shifting through old book pages. Pretty much anything you are into is represented here. Just ask some of the vendors-they are mostly regulars and probably know of someone who has what you’re looking for.

Some tips to keep in mind:

1.) I always just plug the address in my phone (3850 Jonesboro Rd SE, Atlanta, GA) and attend while heading out of town back to Mississippi. It is a ways south of city, so driving yourself is best but of course Uber and Lyft are now good options.

2.) Wear comfortable shoes and clothes. You’ll be on your feet all day, so plan accordingly.

3.) Bring foldable tote bags to carry purchases. We bought a few demijohns and having totes was perfect.

4.) Cash is always best. Not all vendors take credit cards and you’re more likely to be able to negotiate with cash.

5.) Don’t be afraid to ask what the best price is. A lot of things aren’t marked so of course you’ll be talking about price.

6.) Friday morning is probably the best day to go. Parking is easy and it isn’t as crowded as a weekend. On Sundays, some vendors start packing up early but this is also the time to get deals on merchandise they don’t want to take home with them.

7.) I suggest eating lunch in the South building. There’s Greek and Southern options that are so satisfying for a day of hunting.

8.) Most vendors love meeting people that have an interest in what they’re selling. They are often willing to educate you on the history of items even if you’re not planning on buying. This is a very low-pressure flea market which is one thing I love about it.

9.) Use your smart phone to research while you’re browsing. Of course something is worth what you’re willing to pay, but it is nice to learn some history and also price compare (and see what a deal you’re getting!).