What I Learned from Skinnygirl Bethenny Frankel

If you follow along on my insta (@gypsetitgirljenn) then I’m sure you saw my trip to Atlanta this past week with my mom. We drove over to attend the AmericasMart wholesale market to shop for home & gift items for my booths (I currently have three-one in Jackson, another in Oxford, and just opened another in Louisville, Mississippi).

Attending market is one of my favorite things as a business owner to do. I love seeing the products months before they are available at retailers. Another reason I love to attend is the amount and access to education. There is always seminars on topics like social media and motivational speakers.

This past Thursday, I just HAD to see Bethenny Frankel speak (many know her from Real Housewives of NYC and creator of the Skinnygirl empire). I’ve a devout fan of the show, but also remember Bethenny as the runner up on Martha Stewart’s Apprentice show. I don’t always agree with the stars’ behavior, but I’m fans of all them.

Bethenny (interviewed by O Magazine creative director Adam Glassman in Building 3’s atrium) gave some great business advice such as “being a good business owner is about being organized. Pick a lane and keep it moving. Be decisive.” Can’t y’all hear her saying that??

One juicy tid-bit I loved hearing was that she was paid $7250 for filming the first season of RHONY. She spoke about now how she was behind the creation of what is now known as the Bethenny Clause. She refused to sign this clause that would have given the Bravo network ownership of any business she promoted on the show. This worked in Bethenny’s favor-she order a drink on the show that she said was “the skinny girl’s margarita” and then created a whole business from this.

Bethenny has been a guest investor on the tv show Shark Tank. Through that, she’s witnessed many business ideas and said “somethings are so absurd, but work!” and that we can’t just think in our own traditional box.  She suggest starting small and doing one thing really well.

Another bit of advice is to stay true to who you are. She was talking in terms of deals with companies and things like packaging, but this works with everything in life.

A new part of Bethenny’s empire is house flipping. I LOVED hearing about this because it is something I’ve been dreaming of for years (basically since I was 12 and before I even understood what it was).

Bethenny’s must-have buyer trends? A kitchen island, lighter floors & muted tones. Taste specific doesn’t sell. Closets and storage are huge. Double sinks in a master. Little reasons that someone will buy-a wet bar, outdoor kitchen (she installed one in her Hampton’s home), wine fridge, or a built in espresso machine. Touches that feel rich and elevated.

She describes her personal aesthetic as right in the middle. She loves a blended look that flows (same floors throughout) but loves for a home to have “moments”, little vignettes. Bethenny says it is all in the details-for example, she painted the pipes, radiators, and window panes in her Manhattan apartment black and receives so many compliments on that.

The always polished Bethenny did talk fashion-She says that she is not obsessed with the “right now” in fashion so often buys on sale. She sections of her closet into sections like “slutty Miami/Vegas dresses, boho Hamptons dresses, talkshow/appearance dresses, & New York glam dresses”. Bethenny loves to add a belt to a dress to change it up and loves how a bag can change a look.

You could tell how passionate she is about her charity and latest project Be Strong. Bethenny was involved with Dress For Success for many years and saw how to empower women and wanted to do more to help women in crisis.

A universal business tip for women: “just be better than men. Don’t complain about what we don’t get, we have eyelashes.”

There’s no denying what an interesting business owner Bethenny is. I found this article from The New Yorker from 2015 on her rise as a “Celebpreneur”. It goes into more detail on her business model and gives us an inside peek into her day-to-day life.

Are you a Bethenny fan? Leave me a comment letting me know what you think!